How to have Parallels fill window on screen

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by hilmartor, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    No I was NOT... I have no Mouse Sync and No Video Control... And while those problems exist, I get lags... Disable my drivers, and then it WORKS with no Lags... Go figure.
  2. kat

    kat Product Expert

    This may sound silly to you but, did you make a copy of the vm before installing the update?

    Have you uninstalled the machine that is not working and replaced it with your pre update copy, and tried to reinstall parallels (can you download a new copy of the up date ... maybe your original download was corrupted in some way)?
  3. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    Sadly, since all the other upgrades were flawless, I did not bother.... Ugh.
  4. chipili

    chipili Bit poster

    Let the data flood continue:

    MacBook Pro, Mac 10.4.9, Parallels 4128, XP Pro, upgrade from 2.5

    Same symptoms as above, resizing VM as OS Window and XP keeps its size (unlike 2.5 that re-sized dynamically).

    Switch to full screen and size stays the same. Resize XP [props/settings] to say mac 1680 x 1050 and fine so long as I stay full screen.

    Have tried Parallels Desktop / Prefs / Appearance / Full Screen - no improvement.

    Seemed to work OK after "upgrade" but has gone bad on re-boot.

    Switch back to OS Window and the screen does not resize so I loose big chunks of screen.
  5. Simonsy

    Simonsy Bit poster

    Same Problem Resizing

    Same thing is happening for me. It's a new install and I can't see the bottom of the VM screen to resize it .

  6. w7ox

    w7ox Hunter

    I had this problem. Went to Display in Control Panel and set it to 1024x711. After that, and maybe a restart on WinXP it has worked fine.


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