How to I create/remove shortcuts ONLY on/from Windows desktop?

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  1. Behzad_Khiavchi

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    I recently have upgraded to Parallels Desktop 10 and Yosemite , since then, I noticed whenever I create a shortcut or a folder on Windows environment, it appears on Mac desktop automatically and vice versa. The same thing happen if I need to remove a shortcut from either of the desktops.

    Can anyone suggest a workaround to have desktops isolated while keeping integration between Mac and VM ? In other words, I need to be able to use my clipboard and copy paste between desktops and have access to all folders, I just don't want to see duplicate shortcuts on Mac and Windows.

    Any help/suggestion is greatly appreciated.
  2. John_Taggart

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    I have the same problem. I can't figure out how. My Windows Downloads folder is pointing to my Mac Downloads folder. I definitely don't want this
  3. John_Taggart

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    Go to Configure> Sharing : Share Folders. It probably has Home folder only selected. Select All disks or None and your problem will be solved. Not sure why All disks works but...
  4. David_Williams1

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    Thanks for resolving the problem.
  5. RamyaS

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    Hi All,
    To disable Sharing Desktop between Mac and Windows Virtual Machine , please follow the steps below :
    1. Open Virtual machine configuration window refer KB article , click on Options --> Sharing --> Make sure you have enabled "Share Mac user folders with Windows"
    2. Then Under Shared Profile click on Configure --> Disable "Desktop" --> Ok.
    3. Restart your Windows Virtual machine and check how it works!
    Note : As this option was enabled, certain Desktop items from Windows will be located on Mac, doing the changes as given above will disable the sharing of Desktop items between Windows and Mac, if you find any icons/files on Mac desktop which are required in Windows Virtual machine , please drag & drop it into Windows Virtual Machine Desktop or to any path in Windows as per your requiremnt.

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