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Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by craigminah, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. craigminah


    Hello, recent VMWare Fusion convert. How do I install a Linux distro other than Ubuntu and Fedora? Thanks.
  2. JEarles


    1) Download .iso live CD/DVD for your desired distro
    2) Start Parallels
    3) Hit the + on Parallels Virtual Machines or click File | New... in the menu
    4) Double-click Install Windows from DVD or image file (or highlight Install Windows... and click Continue)
    5) Locate your .iso file in the Install from drop down (select Choose an image file... to open a file dialog)
    6) Parallels will attempt to 'auto-detect' your OS. If it fails, select from the drop down. More Linux lists popular distros, and you can always choose Other Linux Kernel 2.6 (this works even if your distro uses Linux 3.0.x)
    7) Continue with the install

    It's not intuitive that it's behind the Install Windows option, but that's where it is.
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  3. craigminah


    Thanks...I saw the Install Windows but assumed it was only for Windows.

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