How to keep SD connected to Parallels

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by RogerH6, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. RogerH6

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    Using an SD card that has a slightly 'non standard' format.
    Have a Windows driver that accesses this.
    Running Parallels 13.3.2, on a 27" Mac Retina i7, with Windows 10 1803.
    In the preferences, Apple SD card reader is set to attach to Windows 10.

    Start in the morning, stick card in, and it merrily attaches to the Windows system, and runs. Great.

    Problem comes when I eject the card, and then in a little while put it back. The Mac OS, then insists on trying to open this card.

    I've tried ejecting from the 'safely remove hardware' tab, or from the explorer. Both give the same behaviour.
    The tick box is there on the pull down tab saying that the 'Apple built in SDXC reader' is selected to link to the virtual machine, but when you plug the card back in, it insists on then trying to attach to the Mac... It's then a real 'pain' getting it to attach back to the virtual machine.
    As an experiment, I've tried with some standard cards. They do the same. It's as if once it is 'ejected' from the virtual machine, it forgets that it is meant to be attached to the drive, when a new card is inserted.

    So question is 'how' to keep the SD always linking back to Parallels?.
    Is there some 'trick' sequence I should be using to eject?.
    Some trick way of re-attaching?.
  2. Arun@Parallels

    Arun@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi @RogerH6 , please click on Parallels Desktop at the top left click on preferences > USB > Select the device > Select "Connect to Windows" .
  3. RogerH6

    RogerH6 Kilo Poster

    It is already selected like this.
    As I said "In the preferences, Apple SD card reader is set to attach to Windows 10."
    It still 'forgets' the connection after you eject the device.
    What's weird is that when you pull down the USB tab from the Parallels top bar, it shows the Apple SDXC reader as ticked, as connected to Windows, but the drive insists on appearing on the Mac on the reconnect.
    It's been doing this for several Parallels versions.
    I think the problem is something to do with 'disk number'.
    Every time a SD is inserted it changes. Even if it is the same disk being put back. So I have 'Apple SD Card Reader (disk1)', 'Apple SD Card Reader (disk2)', 'Apple SD Card Reader (disk 3)', etc. etc., in the preferences tab. I've currently got up to Disk10 all selected to connect to Windows, but if I plug in an SD, another new name appears, and it attaches to the Mac. My default preferences also have new devices set to 'prompt' for which system to connect to, yet when an SD is inserted after the eject, it doesn't prompt.

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