How to reconfigure Command key for Windows?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by EricT19, Mar 4, 2022.

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    Hey all,
    I have Windows application that is bested used with hot keys.
    I want to use my Command+<whatever> button as hot keys in the app, but the Command button is currently configured to bring up the Windows menu when I'm in the application.
    I'm in coherence mode, if that matters.
    How do I reconfigure the command button to not be a hot key for Windows so I can set it as a hot key in my app?
    I've tried through the Parallels configuration, but that's not working.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Hello EricT19, we are checking with our team internally. Thanks.
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    I have no idea what has happened but I tried today to 'fix' the wonky key commands in order to use Illustrator within the PC virtual machine (Win 10 on Desktop Pro
    Version 17.1.4 (51567)). Recently, key commands such as Copy and Paste, or Zoom In and Out would fail to trigger or trigger too often and it was causing me a headache.
    I tried to map the windows CTRL to the CMD key but it keeps defaulting to the Win key.
    I used to be able to swap them but it seems that it cannot be done anymore. This shouldn't be so hard to do. I have searched every single thread since 2006 that had the phrase "Swap CTRL to CMD" in it and I know it used to be very simple, not so long ago. I just cannot find the sequence.
    So now, anytime I press the CMD key the Windows Start panel pops up. None of the key commands involving CMD work anymore - they have all defaulted back to CTRL.
    And when I click the Restore To Defaults button in the Control Panel Profile area nothing happens.
    So I seem to have lost whatever weird functionality I have been existing with.
    plus, whatever edit I apply to one profile seems to affect all the others (Mac, Linux, etc). there doesn't seem to be any separation of this which is a pain cos I had hoped to be able to copy the settings from some earlier Virtual Windows environments.

    Any idea why this is so complicated? Am I that stupid lately?
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    I used to be able to swap the WIN key over to the right-hand side CMD key, but I can't even find any mention of left or right-hand CMD or Option keys.

    Again, am I missing something really basic? I just want the same (slightly wonky but still usable) layout as I had this morning.

    I want to disable the Win Key from opening up Start, or triggering any of the newly discovered alternative things (CMD-8 which in Illustrator is used to create compound paths - essential to my work - now seems to open up Chrome for some reason).
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