How to remove password for MS Outlook pst file

Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox for Windows' started by catlyl, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. catlyl


    I am using MS Outlook email from a long time. I use pst password for protecting my all email data. But after some time, MS Outlook shows the wrong password. I do not understand right now how to unlock my pst password
  2. Arun@Parallels

    Arun@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi @catlyl , please try to repair office365 and check if that helps.
  3. WilliamJ9

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    Three Ways through which you can Remove password from word document:-
    1- By using VBA Code
    2- By Saving the file as XML
    3- By using a VBA Password Recovery Software
  4. priyankaa

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    Step1: Right click at the folder list on PST file name.
    Step2: Now Choose Properties (Data Files Properties in Outlook 2010 and newer), then click on Advanced button.
    Step3: Then click on the Change password button.
    Step4: Type your password in the old password box.
    Step5: Provide new Password and fill verify box
    Step6: The Last step click on OK.
  5. mishar

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    1. Right click on the Outlook data file in the navigation pane -> Click on Data File Properties.
    2. Go to Advanced -> Click on Change Password.
    3. Click on each filed (Old, New and Verify Password) and ensure there are no spaces -> Click OK.
    4. Apply the setting and close Outlook.

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