How to: Resolve trouble between Parallels and Windows under Boot Camp

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by bulletproof, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. TKap

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    Can't boot into my bootcamp partition

    I've found lately that my bootcamp partition running WinXP can only be accessed via Parallels now. Attempting to boot into anything other than safe mode at start up results in the WindowsXP loading screen followed by a black screen that just hangs indefinitely. This is a major problem, as I still rely on being able to boot into XP for hardware intensive apps. Anyone else encountered/found a fix for this problem? I've already followed the configuration process detailed at the beginning of this thread and my boot.ini file seems fine..
  2. Techhead156

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    1. activated Windows 7 in BC

    2. Activated again in PD.

    Enjoy the best of Windows activated: Vista or 7, when switching between both BC and VM.

    I would say its easier than xp.. much easier.
  3. hanspeterh

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    i have newst Version from PD it work fine but sometimes it say the HDD is not supportet !
    I have a Pro whit a Single HDD for BOOTCAMP ! But in the virtual Machine Config i see 2 ! HDD both have the same size ! sometimes it cange it self to diffrend HDD ! How can i solf this ?

    How can i disable the Windows Folders to the DocK i dont need it .

    Thanks for your Help !
    sincerly and happy new year

  4. I-che

    I-che Pro

    Hi hanspeterh,
    sorry for delayed reply. We are currently working on the issue when Boot Camp resides on separate HDD. No exact ETA yet. As for Windows Folders in Dock, you can remove it by right-clicking it (Control-click) > Options > Remove from Dock.
  5. snsokstan

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    Can you still use Boot Camp along with Parallels 4 and Snow Leopard

    Similar problem to the post above.

    Running Mac Pro 10.6.2 Snow Leopard and Parallels 4 WinXP SP3
    Parallels was set up to use my Boot Camp partition

    My Parallels installation still runs well. No problem there.

    However, I can no longer boot up under Boot Camp. I get to the Log on to Windows dialog box. The cursor blinks and occasionally turns into an hourclass but no characters appear when I use the keyboard and the mouse cursor doesn't move when I move the mouse. Even the Caps Lock light on the Apple wired keyboard doesn't work. The keyboard and mouse do work right after the Mac starts with the Option key held. I can key or mouse between the Mac hard drive icon and the Windows hard drive icon.

    Here's what I have tried:

    Use Boot Camp to boot into Safe Mode: keyboard still "dead" but I get all the way to the Windows Log on Screen
    Reset the Mac's SMC controller per Apple forums
    Tried a genuine Windows keyboard--still didn't work.
    Have the latest version of Parallels 4
    Installed Boot Camp 3.1 while Windows open in Parallels. I don't know if that actually installed.

    Here's what I haven't done because I fear it will disable my ability to get into Windows under Parallels

    Haven't upgraded Parallels
    Did NOT select "Last Known Working Configuration" when starting from Safe Mode in Windows.

    What I really don't want to do is break Parallels while I fix this.

  6. Daniel Hegner

    Daniel Hegner Bit poster

    I get 0x0000007b with windows 7

    Windows 7 in bootcamp partition works just fine.
    When I boot it under parallels 4.0 on Snow Leopard I get a BSOD:
    0x0000007b 0x80D86B58, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000

    Should I go for the mergeide.reg solution or is that just for win xp?

    Regards, Daniel
  7. Member

    Same problem. I can no longer boot into my XP partition via Bootcamp. Some time ago I lost the ability to install any new USB devices of any kind into XP. Now I can't boot into Bootcamp -- well, I get to the login screen, but there is no mouse, no keyboard, no USB mouse, no nothing.

    I'm not very happy at the moment, although if I boot into Parallels, everything works -- but often with a bit of molasses in the mix. It just took over 8 minutes to boot the XP VM, and while that was booting, I couldn't do much on the Mac but watch the beach ball spin.

    I need to take a look at the VMWare forums and see what kind of nasty problems those guys are having .. :)
  8. I-che

    I-che Pro

    Hi nq5t[at],
    can you please send problem report to Parallels with running virtual machine from Help > Report a problem and post the report ID here?
  9. Member

    Error Report submitted -- 2895486.
  10. I-che

    I-che Pro

    Hi nq5t[at],
    thank you; we will check the issue, please give us some time.
  11. cmason

    cmason Junior Member

    I still also have the BSOD 0x7B problem with bootcamp partition that works fine in bootcamp and worked fine in Parallels 3. It doesn't work in either 4 or 5.

    I've tried essentially all the suggestions here including mergeide, clearing registry, uninstalling parallels tools, changing IDE/SCSI device addresses, ensuring only 1 processor selected. I submitted problem report 2942732.


  12. I-che

    I-che Pro

    Hi cmason,
    please issue the following command in Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal):
    diskutil list
    Please post the output here.
  13. YMAY

    YMAY Bit poster

    ...Please let me know when it is safe to use Parallels again?

    Installed Parallels 4 on brand new Macbook Pro Unibody running Win7 in Boot Camp. It messed up my Win7 Boot camp partition completely. Boot camp came up with all sorts of start up errors that needed to be corrected. I had to reinstall everything... twice. First time because I could not believe that it was Parallels that has caused my Boot camp to display all types of errors. Second time, I did a fresh install of Win 7 and as soon as I pointed Parallels 4 to the Boot camp partition -my Boot camp got messed up.

    I then thought that Parallels by version 5 would have tested it on properly and solved any issues regarding Boot camp and Parallels... I was wrong.... Bought Parallels 5 a two month ago and installed it... guess what... it messed up my Boot partition again. This time -it just takes ages to boot up in Win7, even directly via Boot camp. Somehow Parallels seems to want to mess around with the Boot camp partition -so that it is left corrupted even when I don't boot up via Parallels. Just reinstalled my Win 7 (for the third time yesterday). I think the trick is to not install Parallels and point it to the Boot camp partition until somebody at Parallels has actually tested it out and confirmed that it will not mess up the Boot camp for good.... perhaps Parallels 6 will solve this. I am waiting for someone to tell me it is safe to use Parallels with my Boot camp partition....

    Don't get me wrong -Parallels 5 is really cool -just too bad that it requires a complete reinstallation of Boot camp after it has messed up your Boot camp partition for good. (I have become really good at installing Win7 now though -so that is a side benefit I guess :))
  14. I-che

    I-che Pro

    Hi YMAY,
    please note that full official support of Windows 7 in Boot Camp was announced by Apple at the beginning of 2010. Parallels Desktop 4 supports only virtual installations of Windows 7. Parallels Desktop 5 supports Windows 7 from Boot Camp. The latest build (9310) can be found here:
    If possible, please post output of 'diskutil list' command here (I mentioned it above), just to be sure.
  15. parapolly

    parapolly Bit poster

    What is the purpose of using Parallels with Bootcamp?

    I see references to people using Parallels with Bootcamp - I don't understand why anyone would do that.
    What is the benefit of using that setup?
    I have Parallels installed on my iMac Core 2 Duo boot disk (no Bootcamp, i.e., just the normal single partition) as an app and it runs fine (Win XP or Win 7 as guests).
    I would like to know please.

  16. Mike_Meyers

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    The reason I'm using Parallels w/Bootcamp, is so that when I boot to my Bootcamp partition, I can take full advantage of the hardware without running two OS's.

    I'm having the same trouble with it as a few other folks.
    MacBook 2.26Ghz
    4Gb RAM
    320Gb HD
    100Gb Bootcamp partition
    Windows 7 64bit on Bootcamp partition
    2Gb RAM allocated for Windows 7 in Parallels
    2 Processors allocated for Windows 7 in Parallels

    Since installing Parallels and creating a VM pointing to my Bootcamp Windows 7 partition, Windows 7 has been VERY slow to boot straight into Bootcamp partiition and in Parallels. 10 minutes or longer either way.

    I'm just curious if I set something up wrong, if I need to change some configurations, if Parallels will work in this setup, or if I need to investigate the capabilities of VMWare Fusion instead.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.


  17. I-che

    I-che Pro

    Hi Mike,
    can you send problem report from Parallels menu 'Help' > 'Report a problem' after your Boot Camp based VM is loaded? You can post report ID here.
  18. Mike_Meyers

    Mike_Meyers Bit poster


    My Parallels Support ID is 4460861


  19. Allan Carr

    Allan Carr Member

    I used Bootcamp before I ever heard of Parallels or Fusion. Parallels 4 worked fine with my Bootcamp Vista partition but it's only the latest version (of a couple of weeks ago) of Parallels 5 that booted in under 10 minutes. I had given up using Parallels and only used Bootcamp for that reason. Installing Fusion gave me a black screen of death but both Snow Leopard ultimately recovered, so I deleted Fusion.
    I was ready to delete Parallels when I read that there was a new update which worked. Otherwise, both Parallels and Fusion would be gone out of my life. I have never had a problem with Bootcamp running natively.
  20. Mike_Meyers

    Mike_Meyers Bit poster

    I have had no trouble using Boot Camp natively either, I just didn't want to have to reboot to do specific things with each OS.


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