How to set up an Account with Parallels Access and register the product

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    You have to have an account to be able to download Parallels Access. For instructions on how to create an account or reset your password, please visit KB116662.

    When you log into Parallels the first time from your iPad, you will be required to build a user account and password. You will receive a confirmation email that your account has been successfully created. If you have an existing account and have registered already a copy for Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can log in with the same credentials and do not have to create a new account.
    You can also register directly in Parallels Access by topping the Register button at the bottom of the welcome screen.
    Registration instructions can be found here.

    To change your password or registered email address or if you have forgotten your password, click here for assistance.

    Here is top three purchase related questions that might be interesting for you:
    1. How do you purchase Parallels Access? Parallels Access can be purchased as an annual subscription thought the Apple App Store. For more information, please visit KB116724.
    2. I have a question on my purchase, who do I contact? Purchases are made through the Apple App Store. For questions on your purchase, please visit KB116724 or contact Apple App Store support directly.

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