How to specify username when installing Window 10 pro

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by AaronD6, Mar 31, 2022.

  1. AaronD6

    AaronD6 Bit poster

    I want to use a different username when I install Windows 10 then what is used on my Mac.
    Why can't I get this to work? That other VM company allows me to do this.
  2. GampaA@P

    GampaA@P Pro

    Hello AaronD6, To change the virtual machine name please follow below mentioned steps
    1. Do one of the following: Click the Parallels icon in the menu bar and choose Configure. If the Parallels Desktop menu bar is visible at the top of the screen, choose Actions > Configure.
    2. Click General and type a new name in the Name field. Thanks.
  3. AaronD6

    AaronD6 Bit poster

    Running 17.1.2 on MacOS 11.6.5
    On my Mac, I do not see any option for Configure.
    On the top of the screen menu bar, there isn't an Actions either. There is a Preferences, which I have scrubbed and not found any of the items that you mention.
    Even with installing a new VM. Nothing there that would allow a user to configure Name. Actually the only place is in the VM configuration where is says Name but that is the Name of the VM not a username.
  4. Tim Murray

    Tim Murray Junior Member

    An adding to this so perhaps others will see it again and know how to do it (if indeed there is a way). And to be clear, it's not the name of the virtual machine -- it is the user name, as in C:\Users\MyUsername. I could just make a second user -- and an admin, at that -- on this VM, but I'd kind of like to avoid it.

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