How to start up Windows in bootcamp partition under Parallels 4.0?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Manatee, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Manatee



    I just got Parallels 4.0, and installed it. I've searched the built-in Help and this support site, but I'm not finding out how to start up my bootcamp partition from OS X. I found another thread here that something like "the procedure outlined in a sticky post is no longer applicable". That process wouldn't help me anyway since I'm using Vista (SP1).

    So, is there a simple "How To" that says how to do it?

    I've been using "the competing product" on this machine (new MacBook Pro), but Parallels says it is significantly faster, so I want to give it a shot.


  2. Manatee


    Never mind... I figured it out. I didn't realize I had to go into the "Create a Virtual Machine" process to get it. Once in that process, one of the choices is to use a Windows installation on an existing Bootcamp partition. Easy enough! Now I have to go check out the performance versus the other guys. :)
  3. fabforrest


    well, i can't figure it out.

    installed parallels 4.0. have boot camp partition mounted on the desktop. started and validated parallels 4.0.

    got the welcome screen, which i think should not have happened (unless i am reading something wrong).

    from HELP

    If you install Parallels Desktop on a Mac computer with a Boot Camp Windows XP/SP2 or Windows Vista (SP1) partition, and Parallels Desktop detects that there are no virtual machines on the computer, it automatically creates a new virtual machine for this Boot Camp partition and places it to the following location:

    <Username>/Documents/Parallels/My Boot Camp

    this did not happen.

    ok, i took a different route on the welcome screen (clicked on Start Using Parallels Desktop), the My Boot Camp file was created, i was kicked into the New Virtual Machine Assistant, but am confused about what to do next. do i need to use my XP install disc?

    reluctant to go further. HELP!
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