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    Silly little question about something that should be easy. ...

    When I have to fill in a web form (in Windows XP running in Parallels 4 on my Mac running X 10.4.11) I always get stuck at the AT sign between my email name and my email domain. In the Mac I simply type shift-2 and get the proper symbol @ - just like that. But when I do that in Windows I get IIRC a quote mark. I end up going back into the Mac OS, typing the symbol in whatever happens to be available, then copying it and going back to the form and pasting it in.

    So how do you get that symbol in Windows XP in Parallels?

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    I went through those dialogs, though I had no need to install any international keyboard or language. My Mac system is set to use the US English keyboard and I had simply assumed that that would carry over into XP. But I guess Microstuff is more stuborn about such things. If you live in Canada you get the UK English keyboard by default. Once I had selected the US English one the @ symbol now appears.

    Thanks for the hint that got me that far desgael.
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    I Had the same problem but finally found the solution

    Im in Mexico, so the language is in Spanish... in my keyboard when you press CMD it opens the windows menu, but by default the AT is in the key 2, I remember that is also in some keyboards in the key Q, so tried to press control, alt and Q at the same time and could get the AT, in your case it could be CONTROL, ALT, 2, because is usually in any of those, dont confuse CMD with Control because remember that you are using windows so control instead is Windows Menu...

    Hopefully this helps!!

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