How to use 2x remote desktop client?

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by mikehende, May 27, 2014.

  1. mikehende


    Hello, I have an android tablet which I would like to use to connect to and control my main pc. I installed the 2x remote desktop client app on my tablet then I installed the 2x ApplicationServer XG on my main pc, when I open the server it's asking for a Username and Password? Can you first confirm that I have installed the correct app on my tablet and the correct server software on my pc? If so, what are the steps to connect to my pc from my tablet please?
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    For security reasons, all connections need a username and password.

    ApplicationServer XG is used if you would like to publish applications (i.e. have only access to particular windows applications on your android device) or you have multiple machines/VMs you want to connect to. If this is your scenario, then you have the correct software installed and can create a connection to your main PC by:
    1. On the server: adding the main PC "desktop" to the list of published applications and pressing "apply"
    2. On the client: create a "2X ApplicationServer XG" to the main PC and enter the username/password for the account you would like to sgin in as.

    If you have no need for published applications or have only a single PC, then you can use the RDP functionality of the client to connect to the built-in RDP support provided by your Windows PC. Again, the username/password are the same as the one you use to sign into your PC.
  3. mikehende


    Thanks for the reply and help. So to clarify, I do have the 2 correct softwares installed on both tablet and pc? If yes, then what I need to do is select the RDP functionality of the client instead? If yes, then I would need to create password and username where, in the RDP client on the tablet or in the 2X ApplicationServer XG on the pc please?
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    Hello Mike.
    Yes, you do.
    RDP is the regular Remote Desktop Protocol that comes with windows, if you have incomming connections enabled to your computer then the answer is yes...
    If you want to use App Server XG then no...
    That user and password the client needs ask's for are the ones you use to login into your windows, this would be your "server", if you dont use password on your user account then this is a good time to use one.

    Either you choose App Server XG or regular Windows RDP you will need a user or password to login to your server.

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