How to use Time Machine without it backing up the ENTIRE VM EVERY DAY

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bobito, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. bobito

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    My time machine disk keeps filling up because Time Machine is backing up a new copy of my entire 60GB VM every day! I read online about how you can set Parallels to work with Time Machine ( by checking the "optimize with Time Machine" box. But this does not work for me. It is still backing up the entire 60GB night after night. Has anyone done this successfully? I am using Parallels Build 8.0.18615 and Mavericks.

  2. AlbertKR

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    Start with Finder. There should be a 'Parallels' folder under 'Documents'. Then go to 'System Preferences' -> 'Time Machine' -> 'Options' and under 'exclude these items from backups' add "~Documents/Parallels" This will remove your VM from Time Machine. You will have to use a separate Windows backup product for your VM to save any files it has.

  3. bobito

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    Yes thanks I know how to exclude files. I was trying to use Parallels own support for use with Time Machine. They claim that Parallels works with Time Machine, if you look at the link I posted. I would like to know how to use that, as it would be much more convenient. Does anyone use Time Machine with Parallels in the way that they describe?
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    There were a few issues with this option in version 8 but it has been fixed in Parallels Desktop 9.
    Please see more details at

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