HTML5 Client Fails to Disconnect Properly

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server – HTML5 Gateway' started by SWhite1, May 31, 2013.

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    Perhaps it is a misundertanding on my part but when I exit the remote application the RDP session should end but instead it remains and the HTML5 client just shows a blue empyy desktop and does not return to the apps page. The terminal services user was configured to run a specified application and normally in remote desktop once you exit the application your session ends but that did not seem to always happen with the HTML5 client. I did see this happen once but not on subsequent connections.

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    Thanks for your post, it's recommended that you install the latest version of 2X ApplicationServer and 2X Client. These can be downloaded from

    At present the HTML5 client was integrated as a part of 2X ApplicationServer version 11 so we've made a few updates since.

    If you have any further questions and have a 2X ApplicationServer evaluation or support agreement, please contact us on support link below so we can look into this further:

    Important note: When upgrading from one major build of 2X ApplicationServer to another, for example 2X ApplicationServer version 10 to 2X ApplicationServer version 11 please ensure before upgrading that you are elligable for a license key for the 2X ApplicationServer you're upgrading to. This is because there is no supported downgrade process once upgrade is committed so when performing an upgrade to a later major release, the license key has to be ready to apply into the product after upgrade.
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    Does @andrews8 suggestion help? If not, please provide the detailed description of the issue so that we could help!

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