HTML5 Gateway Problems after update to version 14.1

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    we have a customer who is using the html5 gateway for users who cant install agents in other companies. For them the 2X HTML5 Gateway worked fine and with no problems (it is really easy to activate).

    Last week we updated the 2X RAS from version 14 to 14.1 and it seems that since then we have problems with the html5 gateway. Users can connect anymore, they get the page, the login but than they dont get the access to their applicationes. Really strange allthough that sometimes it does work with no problems and the same user can access to his applications with seconds.....but most of the time (like 95%) the login page shows the bar and nothing happens.

    We have the same problem trying it at the backup gateway, also we have the same problem trying it on the gateway server https://localhost/RASHTML5Gateway/.

    We didnt change anything beside the update, we checked all policies, windows firewall but everything seems OK, also since sometimes user can is really strange.

    Is there a problem with the html5 gateway with the new version? Are we missing something?

    Thanks in advance for any help, regards,
  2. Hello roland1, try different browser and check if that makes any changes, also try to update Parallels Remote Application Server to 15.0 and let us know if you still face the same trouble.

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