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    How do you redirect the 2X HTML 5 Gateway URL since it does not use IIS? This is particular to version 12.

    My goal is to have users externally go to which redirects to the internal HTML 5 Gateway URL (https://server/2xhtml5gateway). You cannot re-direct CName records to a URL.

    Since the HTML5 uses port 443, I can create an IIS site for port 80 which re-directs to the HTML 5 Gateway URL but if a user types in https, it will go to page not found. So the solution would be to re-direct the HTML 5 URL from whatever is managing the site such xamp etc.


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    At present the HTML5 is accessible from /2XHTML5Gateway only. This is the only supported access method.

    It is possible to change that path although it is:
    1) Unsupported
    2) Untested
    3) May change every 2X Remote ApplicationServer upgrade

    * In the c:\program Files(x86)\2x\ApplicationServer\2XHTML5Gateway folder there is a file called server.js
    * In this file there is a reference to the path URLPATH_PREFIX=”/2XHTML5Gateway” which can be changed to 'root' to change the host path although software upgrades would over-write this file so it's not a good workaround. '

    If you have any more questions please let us know.

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