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    Hi all,

    A couple of questions .. hoping that they're reasonably quick and simple.

    The first and more important one, is it possible to hide the "Settings" Option in the portal? - We don't want users to see the sounds setting etc as we don't currently plan remote applications/desktops having the ability to play audio. I've already disabled in-app options for this.
    upload_2020-1-24_11-51-57.png upload_2020-1-24_11-56-0.png

    Without adding it to the keyboard shortcut, could I also add a Log off button (when in a RDS session)?

    And I was also wondering if it's possible to do any re-branding to the portal?
    For instance instead of the banner being in red and saying "Parallels Remote Application Server" have it in the Company colours with Company name remote access or similar?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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