huge cpu load due to prl_vm_app

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by patimages, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    Kernel panic or BSOD?
    What OS is there
    Mac OS. Linux,Windows
    Can you provide screenshot for that
  2. ralphrmartin

    ralphrmartin Member

    With build 3810 (and the latest Parallels Tools), I get the same.

    Setting to 2 or 4 processors, the VM kernel panics while booting. Setting to 1 processor runs OK.

    This is with MacOS X Server VM.

    Screenshot is just the usual MacOS X kernel panic "You need to restart" screen on the VM.
  3. ralphrmartin

    ralphrmartin Member

    See Problem reports 27070 and 27079.
  4. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    I submitted report to developers,
  5. Stefan_Too

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    VM unusable after 4.0

    I'm in the same boat. I've got a MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo, and parallels 4.0 is such a cpu hog that Windows XP which was formerly quite spritely is ossified. This really needs fixed; I don't like using windows but for some things its necessary. Forget about using SAS or Arcview.... Please fix this ASAP.



    Eddy-VI-2:~ rsh5$ prl_perf_ctl -a -l 10
    Performance Counters View Utility v4.0.3844.408728
    Copyright 2009 Parallels, Inc.

    Eddy_VI_XP (1) - 02:54:01 +10 sec
    devices.ide0.aligned_writes 0
    devices.ide0.fsync 0
    devices.ide0.new_blocks_created 0
    devices.ide0.read_requests 0
    devices.ide0.read_total 0
    devices.ide0.unaligned_writes 0
    devices.ide0.write_requests 0
    devices.ide0.write_total 0
    devices.usb.ehci.activity 0
    devices.usb.ehci.ioasynccallback 0
    devices.usb.ehci.process_frame 0
    devices.usb.ehci.processpkt 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.aa 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.flr 0 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.pcd 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.ue 0
    devices.usb.uhci.activity 0
    devices.usb.uhci.ioasynccallback 0
    devices.usb.uhci.process_frame 0
    devices.usb.uhci.processpkt 0 0
    kernel.ide.irqs 98627
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_change 0
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_flushtlb 0
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_read 0
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_write 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    kernel.usb.ehc.irqs 0
    kernel.usb.uhc.irqs 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.guest_mcs 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.guest_proc_halt 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.idle_percent 2
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_artloop_halt 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_mcs 2168
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.quest_acpi_halt 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg_delay 0
    kernel.vcpu0.async_thr_activate 0
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_sd 0
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_svm 0
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_vtx 18
    kernel.vcpu0.hardware_interrupt 2
    kernel.vcpu0.irq_process 479721
    kernel.vcpu0.mode_switch 0
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host 21
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host_switch 21
    kernel.vcpu0.pic.setintrequest 2461138
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest 551571
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest_lastcmd 0
    kernel.vcpu0.vtx_interrupth 36161135 0 0 0 77980
    net.nic0.activate 0
    net.nic0.bcast_in 0
    net.nic0.bytes_in 0
    net.nic0.bytes_out 0
    net.nic0.mcast_in 0
    net.nic0.pkt_dropped_in 0
    net.nic0.pkt_err_in 0
    net.nic0.pkt_err_out 0
    net.nic0.pkts_in 0
    net.nic0.pkts_out 0
    net.nic0.send_buffer_notifications 0
    video.frames 0
    disp_server - 02:54:01 +10 sec
    mgmt.commands 0
  6. imref

    imref Bit poster

    Upgraded from 3.x to 4.x last week, prl_vm_app utilization goes over 100% (i've seen as high as 150% in activity monitor). Checked CPUs, no yellow triangle. Scanned for changes, nothing.

    Running XP SP3, 2 CPU, 2000 GB of RAM assigned to VM. Machine is an 8 month old MacBook Pro 15", 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM. Would appreciate any tips/suggestions.

    UPDATE: Uninstalled and reinstalled parallels tools, no longer seeing high CPU utilization for prl_vm_app.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2009
  7. irwinl

    irwinl Bit poster

    spoke too soon, even after re-installing tools I find that after a few hours of use, parallels goes to over 100% CPU utlization and becomes unusable. I am unable to shut down windows due to lack of response from VM. If I force quit parallels it freezes activity monitor (and i can't even run a ps command from within terminal). I have to reboot the mac before I can use parallels again.

    Does anyone have a fix?
  8. DWE

    DWE Bit poster

    Did Parallels (or someone else) ever fix this?

    I've also started getting >100% CPU usage thanks to prl_vm_app and haven't been able to fix it. This thread started 8 months ago--was a solution ever found?
  9. Pana

    Pana Bit poster

    PD4 on MacPro becomes unusable

    Hello Parallels team,

    I have also the same severe issue with PD4 on my MacPro 2009/MacOSX 10.5.8/WinXP/3GB.
    After a few hours of use, Parallels PD4.0.3844 goes to over 100% CPU utlization and becomes unusable. I am unable to shut down windows due to lack of response from VM.

    This thread exists since over 8 months. Nothing happens.

    Can you fix it asap please?

    Thank you!
  10. ALLANL

    ALLANL Bit poster

    I had this problem; while researching it here on the forum I took a look at Device Manager and found that one of the two processors was listed as "unknown" and had a red "X" in the icon. I used the add hardware wizard to find and install a new driver for the second processor. Relief was immediate.
  11. ALLANL

    ALLANL Bit poster

    Unfortunately, something has undone the benefit of the new driver; my usage is now extremely high again (>130%) and the only remedy I can find is to suspend the guest OS (WinXP home).

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