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    Question about the CPUs and threads...I have one computer with the i7...it has hyperthreading to it. I see the option to select up to 8 cores...4 are normal and 4 are the hyperthreaded. I want to select 2 normal and 2 hyperthreaded, but I don't know if that is even possible. I instead assume the first 4 cores I select will be normal cores and the following will be hyperthreaded...is that correct? The other possibilities is that it will be in the order of: normal, hyperthread, normal, hyperthread, etc. My current configuration is 3 cores...I want at least 1 normal core on my primary system until I know how to tune this thing correctly.
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    Hi Trebuin, Whether you have a single core or a multiple cores assigned, Hyper-Threading can optimize tasks that can be conducted in parallel so the whole operation is faster. However, Parallels uses Adaptive Hypervisor technology helps you to distribute your Mac CPU resources between the OS X (primary or host OS) and the guest OS (your virtual machine) in the most efficient way.
    Please refer http://kb.parallels.com/122828 to know more about Adaptive Hypervisor.

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