i cant connect my external hard drive to windows via parallel

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by biggbaby, May 6, 2007.

  1. biggbaby

    biggbaby Bit poster

    i tried using the shared palces, but tghat didnt work. what is oging on?

    I am running windows xp on parallels
    i have mac OSX the latest version as my mac operating system.
    i went to printers and faxes (on windows) and it did not recognize they hard drive.
    it is connected by USB. the format, i dont no...but it works with mac AND PC so it shuld work.
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  2. joem

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    You haven't provided enough information for a useful reply.

    What is your host OS?
    Does your external disk work in your host OS?
    Are you trying to access the raw disk (probably won't work) or access it via the host?
    What is the format of the external disk?
    How is it connected to the hardware (USB?)
    Anything else you think might be useful?

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