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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by RubielaG, Aug 10, 2021.

  1. RubielaG


    i need help, because my parallels cant print to my printers
  2. Eugene. K.

    Eugene. K. Parallels Team

    please contact Parallels Support from https://my.parallels.com/ if you have Parallels RAS license. They will help you promptly.
    if not we can try helping you here, but at least we need a better description.
    Did it work in past? what kind of Parallels Client do you use (I assume Windows, but better to check)? do you get any issue or pending printing jobs on server or client sides? anything else
  3. MarkusK10

    MarkusK10 Bit Poster

    Hi, we had the same problem.
    it occured after the update from 18.0 to 18.1.22707.
    A repair installation via Windows control panel has solved the issue in our case.
    Since then, a new version was release: 18.1.22712.
    Could not reproduce the issue with that version.
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