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  1. RubielaG

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    i need help, because my parallels cant print to my printers
  2. Eugene. K.

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    please contact Parallels Support from https://my.parallels.com/ if you have Parallels RAS license. They will help you promptly.
    if not we can try helping you here, but at least we need a better description.
    Did it work in past? what kind of Parallels Client do you use (I assume Windows, but better to check)? do you get any issue or pending printing jobs on server or client sides? anything else
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    Hi, we had the same problem.
    it occured after the update from 18.0 to 18.1.22707.
    A repair installation via Windows control panel has solved the issue in our case.
    Since then, a new version was release: 18.1.22712.
    Could not reproduce the issue with that version.
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  4. PatriciaC2

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    Can you help with this problem?
    Have had Parallels 13 running on Mac Mojave and VM Win 7 32 bit. The Win 7 is intended to run one program that has been designed for windows and has no other usage but to print from that program.
    We had done an upgrade to a newer MacBook Pro and reinstalled the system via Time Machine ( I had to re-license Parallels, but anticipated that). Everything had worked fine under the previous MacBook.
    We had an a touch older HP printer that failed and (with the printer crunch) got an HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw. Mac installed fine using the HP software. I could have used the Mac driver, but wanted the scan utility. Windows installed it as a HP 2800PS (why post script- I have no idea on that emulation). It will not print with that configuration (indicates it is creating a PS file and then just disappears and never gets to the printer queue).

    So I installed with Win HP drivers to have it the same as the MAC printer and it will not print at all. So went to the help guides and installed Bonjour services for printing. Worked for one day and then stopped and no printing will come from the Window's side. I have gone into the configuration of Parallels and everything is set as it should be. I even unchecked all the necessary items and rechecked in case there had been a corruption. The printer is being shared on the MAC side. I have reinstalled the the tools, but no change. Have even gotten, from unplugging the USB connection and re-plugging it, the frame which asks whether I want to connect to Mac or Windows- choose windows and still no printing.

    What gives and any suggestions are welcomed.

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    As an update, we got a Brother all in one. When it loaded the printer in Windows it gave the same silly driver, the HP Color Laserjet 2800 PS. It says it will print, says it creates a PS file and then nothing happens. Created a separate printer with brother drivers on the window's side. Now we have to check the device under USB upon boot into windows and it will not print on the Mac side, then when you uncheck the printer to have it print on the mac side. This is nutty and should not happen. Once again if I replace the printer that Parallels created with the brother driver in windows, it will not print either. This is nutty.
  5. CarltonW

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    I had such problem when I needed to print some postcards what I've been created in https://create.vista.com/colors/color-names/slate-grey/. Files were on mac, but printer was connected to windows directly. My attempts to connect mac via internet ruined all system. Unplug and plug not worked, printer doesn't work with USB and wireless too. What helpled is reinstall drivers on windows and don't print through another devices never. My advice.
    More easy transfer files on another pc than reinstall drivers
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    Hi , We are using parallel client 18.2 and 19 for our SAP b1 Application on Azure cloud. The users keep facing error "printer device not found". However the spooler service and all other services are running well. Please help us to sort this

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