I have got 2 Mac: License code

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  1. MichyG


    Hi to all.
    I have decided to migrate from VirtualBox to Parallels because Parallels is more fast, etc..

    Sure I will buy a license but, I have got 2 Mac: one at home, one at work.
    Can I use the same license code for my two mac? (I will buy a license for me !)
  2. EkaterinaZ

    EkaterinaZ Parallels Team


    As per End User License Agreement, you may use one copy of the Software activated by a license key on a single instance (virtual or physical) owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by you.

    If you would like to install and use Parallels Desktop on 2 Macs, then you need to purchase 2 licenses.

    For further information on EULA of Parallels Desktop, please visit the following web link:

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