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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by enkaytee, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. enkaytee

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    Dear Parallels
    As you've made the decision to downgrade your software - yes, that's exactly what you've done, so please don't try to tell me I need to pay for the annual subscription to restore key features that I had full access to in previous versions. I don't need the full feature set of the Pro version - just the ability to choose the amount of vRAM and vCPUs in my VMs. I had this in previous versions, and have gladly paid for each new update for many years, but now I think it's time to look at Fusion again.
    I know you're reporting these issues to your marketing and management teams and maybe the loss of one loyal customer won't matter to them, but perhaps they'll take notice when hundreds (and possibly more) do the same...
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    at least I hope that they are reporting these to their sales and marketing teams - honestly with the silence from anyone on the parallels side here it's hard to tell.

    I'm in the same boat though.

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