I want to add a second virtual audio device to Win11 VM

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by whistl034, Feb 10, 2024.

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    When I created my Windows 11 ARM VM, Parallels defined a standard virtual audio device, with one mono mic input one stereo. That works fine. I used Loopback on the Mac, and connect the audio line into my Windows 11 VM's microphone input. This works great, for one scanner.

    I own 2 scanners, and my ProScan software license lets me run multiple copies on the same PC, each listening to different radios, but I'm currently stuck with a single mono mic input virtual audio device on my Win11 VM. Currently, it's only possible to expand the Win11 VM config by physically attaching a USB audio device to my Mac and connecting it in Parallels to the VM. This seems to me like it presents an opportunity for improvement!

    It would be really great if Parallels someday added a feature to make it possible to add virtual audio devices, the same way one adds a virtual disk, maybe even have a virtual audio device that offers a stereo pair of line inputs, instead of just one, lone, mono microphone input.

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