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    Now, if you will allow me, I will come to my problem.

    For the past two days, I have noticed some malfunctions in my windows 11 system. I am using an iMac 24 with the highest configuration.
    The errors were such that when I tried to remember something, an unknown error message appeared and windows tried to fix it without success.

    I read on the internet that Kaspersky has connections with Russia and I uninstalled the software. I bought TOTAL AV.
    And that's when the problem happened.
    I installed the new application TOTAL and after installing, I had to reset the MAC. I did so. After restarting , Windows could not load and kept repairing itself.
    I went into the options. None of them worked except resetting the computer to keep its data.
    I did it. And after restarting, the reinstallation of Windows began.
    And ended up on this screen, which I am posting.

    The ACCEPT button is inactive. I cannot correct the screen resolution ( I do not know how )
    I am standing here and my hands are falling off because I am not making any progress.

    I am really asking for your help

    I am installing in Polish, so the content on the photo may be incomprehensible.
    I could not give the picture otherwise, so I pasted the link.

    The separation is such that nothing can be done.
    I think a computer virus has crept in...

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9d1kuj1vnh8u4d0/Zrzut ekranu 2022-03-13 o 14.40.01.png?dl=0


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