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Discussion in 'Parallels Image Tool' started by Mike@Parallels, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Mike@Parallels

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    Please provide us with such information to investigate your problem in more details:

    What build of Parallels do you have?
    For Mac :You can check it in Parallels desktop menu (on top of the screen) - About Parallels desktop
    For PC : Go to Parallels folder (By default, C:/Program Files/Parallels? parallels Workstation) - right-click on Image tools - Properties. Select Version tab.

    What type of .hdd file do you have (expanding/plain)?

    What error exactly do you have?
    Please describe the full sequence of actions that lead to this error.

    How much free space do you have on Host OS?
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  2. rh_de

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    format not supported…

    …it's really great. i've received a special offer for buying acronis disk director 10 for increase and decrease in combination with the image tool. ok, nice price i thought and bought it. now i've tried the image tool, selected the hdd and what did i get? right… the format of the hard disk image file you selected is not supported in the current version… yeah! great. if you really think, everybody is using the creepy fat that was my last buy of anything in conjunction with parallels after swsoft bought you.

    ** specs **
    os: windows xp sp 2
    format: ntfs (woohoo!)
    parallels: desktop 3.0 for mac, build 4560
    hdd type: plain, 8gb, 2gb free

    ** error type **
    not supported…

    p.s. for the next marketing campaign you should tell your clients, what's possible and what not…

    p.p.s. sorry for the hard words but that's the second time i payed for something for parallels and it was only wasting my money.
  3. Mike@Parallels

    Mike@Parallels Hunter

    We apologize that this situation arose. Image Tool in build 4560 cant convert plain disk to expanding one. This feature will be avaliable in next free minor upgrade. It will be release soon.
  4. dng88

    dng88 Bit poster

    Making a image file

    The older version of image tool can make iso image. It seemed this is gone. How to make a iso image from a cd-rom (for installation etc.)
  5. joelpietersen

    joelpietersen Bit poster

    could anyone give an answer to the question above please. :D
  6. galochka

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    You may create iso disk image on the Mac side with Disk Utility

    applications -> Utilities-> Disk utility-> on the right side select Cd -> new image (format read-only)
    By default Disk utility creates images in .dmg format but you may change: right click on file -> get info -> name and extension -> and rename to .iso
  7. johnpathi

    johnpathi Bit poster

    I have to admit, that I'm somehow disappointed with Parallels customer support, as I never have got any answer to the issues I had with Transporter and it never had worked...

    However, only by accident I had found the "culprit": the disk had bad sectors! But neither disk check (fsck) nor the Acronis or Microsoft tools gave me any clue on that and reported everything normal...

    I gave up with Transporter and tried to copy the files individuelly and by doing so also got failures "unknown" failures.I could isolate that and it ended up to be disk problems (thanks to the nice guys of US airport Security who had thrown my laptop bag around!!!)

    Windows seems to be "too stupid" to ignore these damaged sectors and every attempt accesing them results in an "unknown" error. I was told that only Norton has tools to "mask" these sectors in order to prevent future accesses, but when I learned about that it was too late, I already had to return the XP machine.

    So please Parallels, instead of leaving so many users frustrated out in the dark, instead of just coming up with this unspecific error message provide a more meaningful one or even better allow also damaged disks to be "transported" by offering an option to "mask" damaged sectors

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