I'm sorry Parallels but Fusion is leaving you behind in the dust

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Stevamundo, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. DHKA


    from Parallels to Fusion

    After reading this i tried the beta version of fusion and i was impressed with the seep and ease it installed.

    I then installed Windows XP but when i tried to activate/register it, I couldn't because I had already installed it on my macbook. I phoned the toll free number , went through the process of putting the reference number on the phone then got the message to buy another XP license.

    Is there a way I can try this without buying another license?

    Obviously I dont want to remove paralles untill I am sure which VM to use.
  2. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

    Yeah, I just had an issue 'pop up out of the blue' with my server. That's just not right, not to mention the persistent 'USB Workarounds' that I have everyone doing in my office. And the requirement for using a BB and USB stability to have BootCamp, which prevents me from using a single image I can push across the board for the workstations. I haven't defected yet, but if this issue on my server lingers I'll be defecting for sure.
  3. Stan O

    Stan O Parallels Team

    Hello everyone!
    Your feedback has been reviewed by us and, rest assured, we take it into account and we shall continue to make our product better according to your expectations.
    However, this forum is for Parallels' products discussion and although sometimes there are threads regarding our competition, we would appreciate it if the discussion stays in civilized boundaries and doesn't go down to third-party false advertising. Please refrain from needles flame since it is not informative to other forum visitors. Otherwise, we will have to close this thread down.
    Please keep your posts unbiased and constructive and they will surely reach us .
  4. MarkHolbrook



    Thanks for posting. The fact that someone from Parallels did finally post is good news. I wish you guys would simply acknowledge things as you have just done.

    I've been in software development for close to 30 years. Most of the time all you need to do is simply let people know that you've heard them (even if you don't have a solution) and much of this could have been avoided.

  5. Stevamundo


    Okay, let me ask you a simple question. Have you tried running simple Windows features in Parallels 3.0 while DirectX is enabled? Like watching a simple DVD? Or running some simple games? Or even just watching some Web videos? You can NOT do it with Parallels 3.0, believe me I've tried.

    Meanwhile in Fusion you CAN run all of the simple Windows features AND run some 3D games while their DirectX is enabled. Believe me, I've tried that too.
  6. sidssp


    That is exactly what the problem is. Parallels is so engineering focused and they don't seem to have a separated tech support team. When their engineers are working on the cool features, they would talk to you all the time during beta. But once the product is out of the door, their engineers move on to develop the next cool feature and the paying customers are simply ignored.
  7. jackybe67

    jackybe67 Kilo Poster

    Guys move on.............

    Have fun with fusion and steve your just a little child :)
    You do nothing but complaining but have you ever helped someone at this forum ?
    I wonder why you need a mac, go and buy a pc with vista and everything is ok...................

    The new build is out hahahaha
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2007
  8. jruschme


    This begs a question... is Parallels Desktop 3.0 the cool thing anymore?

    Users of Pallels Workstation (PWS), the Linux and Windows product, already have to live with the fact that a planned PWS 3.x has been pushed out to the end of the year because of unexpected difficulties in the development of the Mac product. Since the release of PD, Parallels has announced development of Parallels Server (PS).

    So, although PD and PS are expected to share code (as previously stated in other posts), one has to ask how much of the internal development focus has shifted to the server product?
  9. shaneblyth


    some talked earlier about having to reinstall windows all the time.. why?

    i never reinstall windows I just backup the VM file and if XP stuffs up I just copy it over the stuffed .HDD file and am back in business in a few minutes.. I have only had to do that once in 12 months mind you... the latest version seems rock solid to me and I have Linux VM running too no problems
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2007
  10. Stevamundo


    Yes in fact, I did help people on these forums. Did you?

    Thank you, I will enjoy Fusion. In fact Fusion gold is coming out Monday.
  11. wingdo

    wingdo Kilo Poster

    It's funny. You come on these forums and bitch about product being released without proper testing.

    Fusion RC1 is chock full of bugs ...... and no one has seen an update to it ...... and Monday the GA is released. Seems like they are doing things no differently than Parallels.

    Both are trying to upstage the other, and the ones getting hurt are the end users. Yes, I'll be buying Fusion before Sunday. Hard to pass it up for forty bucks. Of course I owned VPC and SoftWindows too.
  12. biglar

    biglar Kilo Poster


    I can access all the things you mentioned above with direct X checked. And .. I run Roller Coaster Tycoon game (directx 9) with no problems. I have no problems with Parallels that you keep complaining about. I'm sure you'll be happy with your new product, and won't have to clutter up this forum anymore.
  13. flipdoubt


    The number one aspect of Fusion that keeps me interested is the fact that they don't replace system files when the VM is based on a Bootcamp partition. When something goes wrong in Windows (like it always does), your Bootcamp partition is not toasted. If Parallels only offered a sure fire way to boot back into Bootcamp after a Bootcamp-based VM crashed ... the Fusion would not look so appealing.
  14. wingdo

    wingdo Kilo Poster

    I hear you!
  15. Stevamundo


    In Vista too?

    So you can watch DVDs or play a simple game like Bicycle Casino while DirectX is checked? Wow good for you! Obviously I can't, so I have no right to complain about it? Strange, I PAID for Parallels 3.0 too and I have no right to complain what isn't working for me?

  16. davidhale


    I've submitted trouble tickets and have made unbiased posts about not being able print; I haven't received any indication they've reached you, but I am still anxiously waiting.

    Hope to hear from you soon,
  17. blazewon22


    i found fusion to be better with bridged networking. I discovered that using my Wireless N on my macbookpro, i can communicate between 2 vm's in Parallels. Wasn't an issue in Fusion. Sent help requests in and despite the fact that I am 13 years into IT they told me to contact my System Admin. I really like to set up mini-PC labs with my VM software and not being able to communicate between VM's is a problem for me.

    Finally memory management seems to be better in fusion.

    Things Parallels really does better for me are the ability to copy and rename/resize VMs. I don't use Boot Camp.
  18. phazer


    Someone tell me how to convert to Fusion and I'll do it
  19. dkp


    Install Fusion. Install Virtual Machines. The BBS there has instructions on how to migrate existing PD vm's to Fusion. This is the wrong BBS for dispensing this information.
  20. Stan O

    Stan O Parallels Team

    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    As I have previously mentioned, there are specific sources to discuss other vendors' products usage. To avoid suchlike discussions here that are of no interest neither to regular forum visitors nor to us, I close this thread.
    Thank you.
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