Image is cracked when copy and paste from MAC to Windows

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Coffeebear, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Coffeebear

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    Hi, I'm using Parallels 9 on OSX Mavericks, and guest os is windows 7.
    When trying to capture some results which is shown in Mac to MS Powerpoint and some other programs in windows 7, image cracks like below:
    스크린샷 2013-11-21 오후 2.56.15.png

    [i captured this post screen and image cracks like that, i used shift+ctrl+cmd 4]
    the only way to copy images without cracking is using the 'Screen Capture' tools in mac, it doesn't cracks.
    (I don't know the exact names in english since i'm using the korean language in OSX)
    capturing from other tools like photoshop, imageJ, MATLAB, etc, shows cracked image like this.

    what should I do?
    I tried to re-install the parallels tools maybe a thousand times but it didn't work at all.
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  2. NarimanR


    I have the exact same problem. I was running PD 8 and had no problems with this. After upgrading to PD 9 I have the jagged image issue when copying an image from Mac and pasting to Windows for example in Outlook 2013 or in Word.
  3. justin188


    Same problem here, too.

    I have a trial version of Parallels 9 running Windows 8.1. I'm comparing against VMware Fusion and it does not have this problem.

    I'm looking for ideas! I'm running an iMac with 2 external monitors if that has anything to do with it.
  4. nashmarkt

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    I contacted Parallels support, they acknowledged the issue and I asked for a refund and they refunded me and I switched back to 8.
  5. justin188


    Thanks for providing that info. Was there any mention by Parallels that they plan to fix this?

    This seems like a deal breaker for me - and VMware Fusion is my only option now (or perhaps an older version of Parallels).

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