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Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by rekreisler, Jun 2, 2007.

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    I have a laptop which can't charge, not sure if it's the adapter or the laptop (probably the laptop given that it was dropped - not willing to buy another adapter to test). I pulled the drive out and mounted it on a Mac using a nifty USB device which connects to the pins of the laptop drive. I would like to import the whole system in to Parallels (not just the docs), but I don't see a way to do that in Transporter. I'm not sure if this is a dead end, but it's hard to give up when I can see everything right there. I already have a Bootcamp installation on the Mac (using the Parallels/Bootcamp shared thing) in case that makes a difference. I do have access to another Windows laptop (totally different make/model), so I could mount the drive there if somehow that were to help. I'd be reluctant to try to remove the good laptop drive and switch in the old one unless that was completely the last resort (could I do the transfer in safe mode with networking?). Booting from a USB drive seems incredibly complex/impossible in Windows, and I'm not sure if my Windows laptop supports it, and it looks like you have to mess with the USB drive in order to make it work anyway. I'm hoping there's some nifty way to make an image of the mounted drive that Transporter will be happy with.
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    did you ever find the answer to this problem?
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    2. Use Parallels Transporter from inside VM, to migrate to full VM,
    Note you need to have CD with integrated SP with the same level as SP installed on that Windows on disk
    you need it twice,
    1 to perform repair while in Boot Camp
    2. During Transporter operations

    Remember, you need slipstreamed CD

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