Importing Amazon Linux AMI to parallels

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by Peter23, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Just moving our production servers over to AWS and using Amazon Linux. I want our local development machines to mimic the live environment, so need to be able to run Amazon Linux on parallels locally. Before committing to a bunch of parallels licences I need to know if it's possible / reasonable?
    Ideally I'd like to be able to take an Amazon AMI and open it in Parallels. Should be easy to Google, but I can't seem to find a straight answer. Anyone doing this? How easy is it?
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    Oh, this is an older post.
    But yes, I would like to do the same thing, run the Amazon Linux via parallels.
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    Thanks brad-x, appreciated!
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    Download Amazon Linux AMI: Go to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) console or EC2 dashboard and down load the Amazon Linux AMI photo you desire to use. Make positive to pick the fantastic structure (64-bit, 32-bit) and structure (HVM, PV) in accordance to your requirements.

    Convert AMI to VMDK format: Parallels Desktop makes use of the VMDK layout for digital desktop disks. You'll want to convert the downloaded Amazon Linux AMI picture to the VMDK format. You can do this the use of equipment like "qemu-img" or "VBoxManage" (from VirtualBox) for the conversion.

    Create a New Virtual Machine: Open Parallels Desktop and create a new digital machine. Choose the "Custom" alternative throughout the VM advent process.

    Select Linux OS: When induced to pick out an working system, select "Linux" and choose the splendid model that corresponds to your Amazon Linux AMI.

    Allocate Resources: Set the favored quantity of RAM, CPU cores, and disk house for the digital machine. You may additionally prefer to fit or exceed the specs of the unique Amazon Linux AMI.

    Connect the VMDK Image: During the VM introduction process, Parallels will ask you to join a digital tough disk. Choose the VMDK file you transformed from the Amazon Linux AMI in step 2.

    Complete Setup: Complete the digital laptop advent procedure through following the last directions furnished by using Parallels Desktop.

    Install Parallels Tools: After the VM is created and booted up, deploy the Parallels Tools inside the digital machine. This will enhance the integration between the digital computer and macOS, enabling aspects like seamless mouse integration, dynamic display screen resolution, etc.
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