Imprecise mouse control in 3D application

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by sciascia, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. sciascia


    Hi There,

    I mainly use Parallels desktop to view web pages in IE 6 and to also use a 3D character animation package called Messiah. In this software the mouse behaves normally until you try to move, rotate or scale an object.

    When trying to rotate an object for example, the object will spin and flip around wildly - there doesn't seem to be any precise control - or any control.

    I've just switched from VMWareFusion (for many reasons) where I didn't experience this behavior. I'm using WIndows XP Professional 32bit as my guest OS.

    Any tips, suggestions or pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.

  2. PatrickJ

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    It's extremely frustrating and it happens in a lot of 3d content creation programs (not to mention games). For apps, I've been hit with it in Unity, Blender, Softimage Modtool/XSI and all of the Source SDK tools. Basically anything that deals with the mouse cursor in 3d space. I've also run World of Warcraft under Parallels for a larf and while it runs fine, it also has the same run away mouse spin.

    Do some searches here on 'mouse spin' and you see a lot of complaints about it. AFAIK there is no workaround or driver hack to fix it.

    Please Parallels fix this! Lots of programs that otherwise work perfectly can't be used due to simple inablility to interact.
  3. animation


    Very frustrating.

    Word on the street is that although Parallels is faster for 3D, these types of technical issues mean Fusion is the better choice because it works - I just thought that's what die-hard Fusion fans thought.

    Guess it's true - oh well, back to Fusion and ask for a refund.

    Thanks for the help


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