Impressed with how well Parallels works with several year old windows games

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    I just bought a new Mac Mini M2 Pro. I also bought a new 27" 4k "FALD" monitor. The only thing that was holding me back from the Mac was that I play the game Lord of the Rings Online, since I have a lifetime membership. But a post on the LOTRO forums says Parallels can run it perfectly. So I took a chance.

    My old PC was a 12 year water cooled behemoth with an AMD FX8350 and a Radeon 290X and a zillion fans. (I used to love to benchmark and overclock.) It still works but it sprung a leak in the radiator a few months ago and I actually realized I love the silence in my home office. (Besides... I moved to an iPad and iPhone. Plus I started playing the guitar and a lot of the better guitar apps and programs only run on Mac.)

    My old monitor was also only HD and back when I bought it they only had 60hz. So my new upgrade was twice the fun. Now I'm in heaven. Not only does it work for LOTRO but I can run in 4k. Although some of the UI is too small at 4k so 2k is better.

    But I then loaded up a bunch of windows game I had. I have not really played any new games since about 2014... so in truth most of what the "newer" things I have actually work really well in Parallels. But most of them can run in 4k without almost any glitches. And what impresses me most is that they are mostly playable at that resolution. Although 2k is probably better in most cases. BUT I think it runs a lot better than my 10 year old $600 video card can handle.

    Anyway I'm loving this new Mac and Parallels is a big reason.
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