Improve the coordinations with AirPods

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    I myself was using an AirPods 1 to do some lyrics editions, and the repetition of starting and pausing the music will influence the connection!
    I don't know why, I bump into a serious crisis: while I was playing the music, the AirPods suddenly disconnected, and the speakers just took over all the work, you know in the crowd, that's awful!!!! And what's more, it got my mouse(blue tooth) hidden at the same time!!!!!! It was a shock and nearly 10 seconds I can't get it even closed!!!!!!!!!
    This happens a lot, sometimes the sound just breaks, and occasionally it got disconnected by itself. And due to the lack of support from apple, it won't pause the music when headphone is off in sudden. I think that's something you could work on.
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    Are you on macOS Catalina?

    Parallels Desktop doesn't deal with bluetooth devices connected to Mac. So we can't help if you experience issues with them.

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