Improvements for Game (Train Sim World 3 and Train Simulator Classic)

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    Hello all,

    Here to post a suggestion or look for advice, I am a recent convert to Mac for many reasons, the only issue is I do love to play Train Simulators! I find I get some acceptable frame rates (well to Train Simulator users! 20FPS is considered good for some scenarios!). I am using Parallels Pro on a MacBook Pro 14" with M1 Pro and a Mac Studio with an M1 Max, I do find the resulting FPS a bit sub-par. In some parts, I am getting very good frame rates and with a quick look at the activity monitor, the M1 looks to yawn as if it's saying it's no sweat! However, sometimes I am receiving really bad stuttering, and some scenarios which are in Train Sim Classic with rain just run at 10-14 FPS. I feel like this is getting better with every update to Windows and to Parallels, I do commend the team for what is already being achieved, the fact I can play a game that taxes systems as it's very unoptimized through a Vm then translate from x86 to ARM is beyond belief! Basically wondering if there could be some optimization for whatever type of technology these games run in, I believe TSW3 is an Unreal game and I have no idea what drives the TrainSimulator Classic game!

    Also if anyone has tips for optimization of these games that I can do myself, I'm all ears!

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