Increase disk size in macOS Ventura Guest in Parallels 18.1.1

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by acayon, Feb 5, 2023.

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    I create a new macOS VM using the Add option from Parallels and the VM has a disk0.img image of 68GB. I try to icrease it from several ways but I was no able to do. Some of the tries I do was:
    1. Add a secondary disc (dmg first and img then) and installing in this disk another instance of Venture but when installation finishes, the VM didn't want start in this disk.
    2. Renaming disk0.img to disk1.img and adding new disk0.img with 200GB of size and VM didn't want to open the selected menu (pressing Option key) and also I tryed to open in recovery mode but the VM stay in black screen.
    3. I tryed to copy a phisical USB boot drive using dd command but it was not recognized in startup of VM when I replace the disk0.img for the dd copy.
    4. I tryed to increse the original disk0.img using
      qemu-img resize disk0.img +40G
      but the diskutilities detects the disk is bigger (Apple Inc. VirtIO Block Media) but the Container disk4 (disk1s2) is the same size. Then when I did the "repairDisk" appears, at the end, a new free space, but I can't able tu use it because is behind the Apple_APFS_Revovery partition.
    5. I tryed to add ISO and a DMG file with macOS Ventura installation and I put as secondary disk, in order to open the installation at boot time in order to erase full the disk0.img previouly increased with qemu-img, but I can't start it from it.
    My target is get 200GB disk0.iso file with the macOS installed in order to migrate from real computer with Apple migratin tool.

    Any sugestion or idea?
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    We have created a ticket and will contact you by email.
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