Increasing Virtual Windows 7 Memory in P6

Discussion in 'Parallels Website and Forum' started by Featherock, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Featherock


    This is my first time here. So if I screw-up please forgive me. All this tech stuff is new to me and being a Graphic Artist only, I'm having a hard time finding a solution to my problem. Someone else, who is now unavailable, used to handle all the tech stuff for me. Anyway here's the issue. I'm running a Mac Pro 2.16. I have 12 Gig of Ram and 600 Gig On Hard Drive. Running OS X snow leopard 10.6 and Parallels 6.0. Have 2 virtuals. Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro. Problem is I'm trying to load Adobe CS4 through Windows 7 and it won't let me. It says I only have about 1.5 gig of space on my Drive C in Windows 7. How can I increase the space on Drive C? so I can load the program. I know I have plenty of room just don't know how to move it where I need it. 2nd issue is a question. I already have CS4 loaded through Windows XP and it works great. So since it's already on my Mac do I need to reload it through Windows 7. Or is there anyway I can open it up in Windows 7 since it's loaded in XP. Thanks for any help
  2. TrentonC


    In Windows 7, virtual memory stores RAM images on the hard drive to free up some space. Without the virtual memory, your computer would freeze. It might also not be suitable for multitasking. So, you will not be able to open up as many programs as you need. In order to increase your memory, you should add more physical RAM. If you have the right amount of RAM, you can go into virtual memory and make the necessary settings adjustments. Having the right amount of RAM and virtual memory will ensure that your computer works very efficiently.

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