Injection Exception on Ivy Bridge

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    on a laptop with the new Ivy Bridge CPU I tried to install Debian testing and Ubuntu 12.04. As soon as it tries to load the setup from the boot CD the VM is shut-down. I copied the log below. Do I see it correct that the injection exception is the cause of the shut-down? What could cause the injection exception. Is the Ivy Bridge CPU not supported yet?


    05-15 16:25:41.560 I CHRSERVER /ChrToolSrv:5396:1db0/ New client connected. Send tool availability state to connected client {31ef2d91-60c0-224f-ab6a-e5cb29c6a907}
    05-15 16:25:41.567 F /vm:5396:1db0/ Error: failed to send request to client h="{31ef2d91-60c0-224f-ab6a-e5cb29c6a907}"
    05-15 16:25:41.904 F /vm:5396:2484/ Virtual machine is ready to boot!
    [AHCI] Enable Command Queue Acceleration
    Chipset Type i965, 1 CPU(s)
    FirstStartInit is OK
    Activating Unrestricted Guest on VCPU 0

    [1f:0] Secondary bus number 0xff
    [1f:0] Secondary bus number 0xe0
    PhyMemRemoveGuestPhyPagesRange(f0400) for non-existent range

    05-15 16:25:48.397 F /vm:5396:2484/ [IsResetVtdDevice] Reason1=No
    05-15 16:25:48.397 F /vm:5396:2484/ Terminating VCPU event loop (0)
    05-15 16:25:48.511 F /vm:5396:e9c/ Event loop terminated - deinited
    05-15 16:25:48.511 F /vm:5396:e9c/ Setting ASYNC_REQ_SHUTDOWN for Vm
    05-15 16:25:48.511 F /vm:5396:e9c/ Terminating CPU #0 ...
    [Hlt] IF == 0. Send CLI/HLT. Processor = 0
    Events history for VCPU 0:
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff8103cfc4
    - VM-exit RDMSR (1f) @ffffffff8103cf5b
    - VM-exit WRMSR (20) @ffffffff8103cf88
    - VM-exit CPUID (a) @ffffffff81637eea
    - VM-exit RDMSR (1f) @ffffffff8103cf5b
    - VM-exit RDMSR (1f) @ffffffff8103cf5b
    - VM-exit: Mov to cr#4: @ffffffff8103cef9
    - Injected Exception (0xd, 0x0) at 0xffffffff8103cefc
    - VM-exit HLT (c) @ffffffff81cfb1ae

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