Inserted DVDs always mount in Windows

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sjshaw1970, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. sjshaw1970

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    I have a MacBook Pro and am running XP Pro in a VM. Whenever I insert a DVD or CD, it always mounts in XP and never OS X, no matter where my focus is. I have to quit XP in order to get a DVD to mount in OS X.

    Is there a way to control this so I can determine where CD/DVDs are available?
  2. RickMaddy

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  3. sjshaw1970

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    Thanks, I did a search but didn't find that thread.
  4. MicroDev

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    First make sure you can see the status bar (View -> Status), then right click on the CD icon and choose Disconnect.
    * or *
    Choose menu item Devices -> CD/DVD ROM-1 -> Disconnect

    That will allow the CD to mount in the host. Choose Connect to re-establish the connection to the Guest.
  5. RMatt1077

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    I am having the same problem on top of another problem. I can't disconnect because I can't see the status bar. After coming out of full-screen mode, my view of parallels is so large that I am unable to get the status bar onto my screen (it is stuck below my dock). Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. alkalifly

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    Change the display resolution from within the guest OS to something smaller, this will shrink your non-full-screen window
  7. ccparallels

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    I don't have the OPs problem but I will probably be playing with the resolutions in the next few days just to see which I prefer. Anyway, I noticed that one of my daughters games shrunk the window when it ran and then it got reset to what it was once the game ended, and also it seems to do this when it boots up. So I wonder if somebody could write up a tiny app that just goes into a smaller screen mode so that it can just be clicked on and the status bar be used. Seems better than purposely resetting and then resetting back?

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