"Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe"

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Mac Pro 5GB, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Mac Pro 5GB

    Mac Pro 5GB Bit Poster

    OK, who is going to point us to a link for "Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe"? I do not want to download or install Bootcamp. Could someone please extract this and put it up somewhere for us?


  2. dragonpool


    I did exactly as above, but just could not get iSight in device list or working. I already added USB in VM Configuration. Before I added USB, iSight could not be installed either.

    My machine is Macbook Pro. Should I do something else to get iSight work?
  3. Uezi


    You'll have to install the bootcamp assistant to get the drivers.
    Don't worry, you don't actually modify your system. The bootcamp installation will install the "bootcamp assistant" from which you can then extract the exe (Right-click as stated above, just don't run the boot camp assistant !). After that you can delete Boot camp Assistant from your /Application/Utility directory. No harm done to your system and your disk.
  4. dragonpool


    Yes, I did run the installer as you said, but just could not install iSight driver. It seems the installer could not detect iSight, so the driver could not be installed.

    PS: Actually I'm running Windows Media Center 2005, which basically is Windows XP. But to install Media Center, I cannot choose "Windows XP" as the windows type in Parallels, because if do, the media center could not be installed.

    So I chose "Other Windows" to install the system, and after it was installed, I changed the windows type back to "Windows XP" and install Bootcamp tools.
  5. Uezi


    Hmmm.... I don't have any WMC edition, so I can't tell you if the driver actually works under WMC. What devices do you have listed und USB ? Do you get the others ?
    - Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
    - IR Receiver
    - Apple Wireless
  6. MacUser


    I found out that the BootCamp installer only installs the Assistant.

    In the menu of the Assistant there is an option to save the installer for the Windows drivers (it is an .exe application) on a local folder. So there is no need to burn a CD.
    After saving the Windows driver installer I quit the Assistant and deleted the application.

    Important: I didn't run the Assistant and I didn't created a Windows partition I only saved the Windows drivers installer from the menu option.

    After running the .exe app in XP all drivers are installed. I then enabled iSight in Parallels menu and after clicking some "OK's" my iSight is now working fine in Microsoft Messenger.

    Success, Wim
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  7. natyeladino


    isight problems

    I am running Win XP Pro. and I ran the mac drivers on the VM.
    and I can't install isight on my VM. :( MSN does not recognize any webcame :(
  8. johnnytk36


    Don't know whats wrong with yalls. I installed the drivers for bootcamp that I extracted from the assistant. I never installed the assistant i just dug into its files from the bootcamp download and grabbed them. I then connected the isight to parallels and it installed all the drivers I needed.


    I would host the drivers, god knows i got the bandwidth but isnt it illigel to do so. And i dont want apple at my door, they dont play nice.
  9. Mac Pro 5GB

    Mac Pro 5GB Bit Poster

    I ended up downloading and doing what MacUser said. So I got the drivers loaded. My problem is that I have a firewire iSight. This will not work with Parallels. Only a built in USB iSight works. The heck with a camera in Windows. I will just use iChat on the mac side.
  10. Mr. A

    Mr. A

    I have tried 4 times but all 4 times, it is failing to run. I have followed the instructions, copies the drivers to the parallel window and run it. It gets to the point where it says copying files and then it gives 3 errors in a row.
  11. MacManux


    iSight: Solution

    I was having difficulties as well as the iSight nver showed up anywhere, regardless how often in installed the BootCamp drivers, with or without previous extraction.

    The solution was simple, and maybe that's waht some of the others experience as well:

    in my virtual machine settings, I had not configured the USB host adapter. And without that, no USB connected device will be recognized.

    So: shut down XP, and in Parallels, choose "Edit - Virtual machine". In the hardware list on the left side, click the "add" button and add a USB host adapter (pick any of the other options ad desired).

    The start XP. It will come up with some hardware recognitions, and then request the Windows XP CD to install drivers (for the USB host adapter). Only afterwards it makes sense to install the iSight drivers as recommended, and then in the Devices menu of Paralles mark the iuSight as connected.

    This way it works.

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