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    I was using parallels 3 - now i have upgraded to v. 4. I have two printers: one is a usb brother laser printer and the other is a wireless HP inkjet all-in-one. I tried to hook up the laser printer and it does show up as an installed printer, but won't actually print. It does print on the Mac side. I installed as a usb printer. In the parallels devices menu, it is listed as one of the devices. This is where it gets squirrelly and where Parallels could improve the method: I can select the printer through selecting this via any of these options:

    Devices/USB/HL 5040
    Devices/Parallel Port 1/Connect to Brother 5040 Series.
    Devices/Parallel Port 1/Printer/Brother 5040 Series

    I can also configure the parallel port, where it is set to connect to the 5040. But perhaps I should have installed it to the parallel port rather than as a USB printer?

    Then once I figure out this printer, how should I install the wireless printer?

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