Installation failure - Network User Accounts

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    I'm having a similar problem to Dan posted here:

    I have a network user account, ie. my Home folder is stored on a server. This seems to be a problem as Parallels wants to install the virtual machine in my Home folder, ie. on the server. However, I managed to work around that.

    Like Dan, I installed the Virtual Machine in /Users/Shared/Parallels/ and then gave a user group for my company read and write access. Now Parallels launches and recognizes WinXP.

    Nonetheless, when i try to launch WinXP, it tells me there isn't enough space in my home folder on the server. I can't seem to find any way of pointing Parallels to /Users/Shared/Parallels/ so it can use the local disk.

    If I can't get Parallels to work with a network user account, it's a show stopper.

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    Installation failure - Network User Accounts - Solved

    Parallels now seems to work. I added an extra GB to my network Home folder.

    I keep checking ~/Library/Parallels/ to see what it's storing in my Home folder, but it's always empty. I'm not sure what Parallels wanted the space for, but it doesn't seem to be causing any problems.

    I also checked Activity Monitor to see if it was moving tons of data across the network, but it shows 1-3 KB/sec. Windows is slow, but that may have nothing to do with a Network User Account. And no complaints from other network users (yet).

    So I guess it works.
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