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    I am trying Parallel Desktop and I am puzzled.
    I have a Macbook Pro + 1 To external Hard drive. I succeeded to install Parallel on the Macbook Pro and the Windows VM on the external Hard Drive.

    Now, I want to install Steam with the VM Windows, on the external Hard Drive. And there I am puzzled.
    Steam (as many windows applications) launches an installer where I can select where I want to install Steam. Unfortunately, the installer does not show the hard drive but just "C:" that is limited to 250 Go. First, I do not know where this C is (on the hard drive ?) and second I would prefer to see the external hard drive. In windows, the external hard drive is visible with the name V:. But the installer does not know V:.

    Is there any trick to do what I wish to do ?

    Best regards
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    Hi SnowW,
    First Mac Doesn't use drive letters (like C, which is more a Windows thing) Mac uses a naming convention. Unless you renamed a drive to C you will not find it on your Mac. When you are using your external windows drive, check under disk management for your C drive size. You can only install (windows) programs from inside the windows os. So this means to install Steam start windows>go to the internet>download steam installer>then follow the installer instruction. I hope this helps.

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