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    Any Help would be most appreciated, just can't seem to get windows running. I've gone through the express installation process, when I put in my brand new Windows XP Home SP2 Install CD it seems to go through the whole process of installing windows...all the way until the very last step when it says now starting windows......then that's it...I get a page of text that's not up long enough to read it all but it starts out by saying initialization must shut down to avoid damaging your computer. Restarting the whole computer doesn't seem to help, nor does restarting within the VM. Can anyone offer some advice?
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    Might help if we knew what your guest os is.
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    Solution Found

    Good Point, the host OS is Windows for the good news, and hopefully this can help someone else who may have been in my shoes. Email support provided a procedure that worked like a charm, and I couldn't be happier with the results so far. Here was the solution:

    nstalling OS from an ISO image.

    If Mac is unable to read the CD, you may try to install from an .iso
    image of the CD.
    To create ISO image please take the following steps:

    1 Insert the OS installation disc into the CD/DVD-ROM drive of your computer.

    2 Start the Parallels Image Tool (applications/parallels/parallels image tool). Upon startup, the assistant displays the Welcome dialog. Click Next.

    3 On the Choose Device Type dialog select the CD/DVD-ROM option and click Next.

    4 On the CD/DVD-ROM dialog make sure the option Create a new ISO image of the CD/DVD disc is selected. Click Next.

    5 On the Create New ISO Image of CD/DVD Disc dialog select the source device (CD/DVD-ROM drive on your Macintosh computer), and specify a destination folder and a name of the CD/DVD image file. Click Next.

    6 On the Review Processing Options dialog, carefully review the settings (operation, source device, and destination file). If everything is correct, click the Start button to begin the operation.

    7 While the operation is being performed, the Execution in progress dialog is displayed. Wait until the operation is completed.

    8 After the disc image is created, the Execution Completed dialog appears.

    Click the Exit button to close the assistant.

    The disc image is created and placed in the destination folder specified in step 5

    Now you should be able to connect this image to the Parallels Desktop
    Virtual Machine

    In the Configuration screen Edit> CD/DVD-ROM Options,
    enable "Use Image File" option and select your file's destination in
    the field below.

    in Options Booting tab select
    sequence as (CD-ROM, Hard Disk, Floppy.)

    Start VM with the green start button

    And install windows as normal:)

    Big Thank you to Tracy! :D

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