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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by solutions, Aug 24, 2006.

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    I am installing Debian 3.1r2 and downoaded the 14 image files on a Mac Book Pro w/ OSX. I can link the CD drive to boot from the frist ISO file in Parallels. However, can someone help me on how to install the additional 13 ISOs without extracting them to a CD? Is there a way? Do you need to load all the ISOs? I am guessing you do, since I just installed the first one and it could not/did not install KDE or Gnome. The business card distro did not work for this either, as when I tried the "tasksel" instal of the GUIs, it said nothing could be downloaded, but only upgraded. The upgrade installed 0 of 0 bytes. Any help on this is appreciated.

  2. Paul Linden

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    I haven't installed the multi-disk version of Debian in Parallels, but when the OS install asks you to insert the next disk, click on the CDROM icon (in the lower right of the Parallels window) and select "connect disk image"

    As far as I remember from installing on a PC, the first 10 Debian disks are required for a full desktop Linux.

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