Installing guest RHEL 8.4 in Parallels on M1: is it even possible?

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by GjorgiV, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. GjorgiV

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    I am aware that with Parallels on M1, you'd now need an ARM-compatible Linux images to install as guests. I don't see RHEL 8.4 offered in the list of new Parallels-blessed Linux images that will install as guests on M1 hosts.
    Has anyone tried installing RHEL 8.4 (or RHEL 8 in general) as a guest on an M1 host, did it work and what specific image should one download and install from?
  2. JohnM111

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    I am also facing the same issue not able to install in M1.
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  3. CodrutP1

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    I can run Oracle Linux 8.4 in a Docker container. If they made the kernel work I wonder what's keeping Parallels?
  4. never_released

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    For the kernel, it won't run, ever. (for regular RHEL7/8 and derivatives) Those have their kernel built targeting a 64KB granule size. M1's MMU supports 4KB or 16GB granules, but not 64KB.
  5. CodrutP1

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    Cannot the kernel be recompiled? Also, what is with kernel 5.13 which supposedly introduced support for M1? Can we expect RH 8.5 to boot in Parallels?
    Please someone explain.

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