Installing MS Sqlserver 19 on Parallels desktop 17 and windows 11

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by DeborahH, Dec 18, 2021.

  1. DeborahH

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    If anyone has accomplished this I would love to hear from you. I just bought my MacBook Air with the m1 chip. I had been waiting and waiting until it seemed that parallels had solved running Window app on the Mac. Assured by the Apple staff that it was all good now. But
    I went though the install for Parallels Decktop 17 and it automatically installed Windows 11 and ARM.
    Next step tried to install SQLServer 19 and the installation will not complete. Apple won't help because it is a Microsoft product, Microsoft won't help because it's installing on a Mac. Where do I get help. Thanks.
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  2. BudR1

    BudR1 Junior Member

    I have the same issue and need a fix ASAP!
  3. AndrewC38

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    Same issue. Apparently Parallels isn't in a rush to solve this one. I do have an idea though. What about using a Docker Image?
  4. WillH7

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    What's a Docker Image?
  5. AndrewC38

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    A docker image is essentially a container. On the Mac if you want to install SQL Server, you basically download a docker image and then run it. It's like a VM with SQL Server running inside it.
  6. LukasV2

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