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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by chazchaos, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. chazchaos

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    So I just purchased Parallels for my MacBook, here's what I do...

    - I go to OS installation assistant.
    - I go through all steps and enter my windows cd key.
    - I specify name of the virtual machine.
    - I insert my Windows XP installation CD (XP Home)
    - I choose source "Real CD/DVD".
    - I click Finish

    NOW it boots up and I get these errors...

    - Boot from Hard Drive... FAILED.
    - Boot from CD/DVD-ROM Drive... FAILED.

    I then press a key to retry and same thing happens.

    What's going on here...?

  2. johnv

    johnv Parallels Team Parallels Team


    Please create an ISO image of your Windows installation CD by means of MacOSX Disk utility, connect it to the virtual machine and start the installation process from scratch,

    For more information please read the articles below:
  3. Bit poster

    same issue

    i am having the same issue. I followed the advise given but there is no read only option the options are "read only" and "sparse disk image" also what file size should be selected? when i try any of the selections i get "unable to create winxp.dmg - no such file or directory" I am new to mac and not very leterate yet....
  4. Bit poster

    i just realized i was not selecting the cd, thanks
  5. chazchaos

    chazchaos Bit poster

    I followed steps and when it finishes making the iso i get a Imput/output error. Know wht this is?

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