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    1. Is there any difference between defining "update_guest_tools = true" (no parallels-tools.iso mounted) Vagrantfile option and following code (parallels-tools.iso is mounted:
      # Mount parallels tools cd
      mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
      # Run parallels tools installer in unattanded mode
      /media/cdrom/install --install-unattended-with-deps
    2. What is the most simple command-line way to detect full path to VM?
    3. Is it possible to configure where VM should be created via Vagrantfile (i saw that vagrant-parallels support prlctl params, and prlctl has --dst parameter)?
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  2. 1. These actions are pretty the same. The only difference is that using the Vagrant provider option "update_guest_tools" it will do a pre-check whether Parallels Tools is up-to-date or not. But if you just run "/media/cdrom/install", it doesn't not check anything and starts installation process each time you run it.

    2. Just run "prlctl list -i <vm_name_or_uuid>", and take the "Home: " value
    $ prlctl list -i 771adf09-0d1f-4333-afb9-bbfbcecb7685 | sed -n "s/[ ]*Home:[ ]*//gp"
    3. Currently there is no such option for Vagrant Parallels provider and the VM is creating in the default folder, which can be configured globally in "Parallels Desktop -> Preferences -> General -> Virtual Machines Folder"
    But it sounds like a good enhancement and might be implemented in the future. BTW, pull requests on GitHub repo are always welcome ;)
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    Thanks for reply!

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