Installing RAS RD Session Host Agent

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by DavidD46, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. DavidD46

    DavidD46 Bit Poster

    Hi All,
    New to Parallels. When I try and add the first RAS RD Session Host Agent from "Start" I get the following:
    "Please check that the following conditions are met on the destination computer: the logged-on user has admin privileges. Firewalls allow traffic on incoming 135 and 445. UAS and sharing wizard are disabled."

    • We are using domain admin credentials.
    • Anti-virus is disabled.
    • The Windows Firewall is disabled (we did try adding the ports but for testing just turned it off for now).
    • UAC is disabled.
    But the install still Fails. Any ideas what to check?
  2. DavidD46

    DavidD46 Bit Poster

    I've checked the destination VM firewall log and 135, 445, 30004, 30005 and 49179 are not being blocked.
  3. DavidD46

    DavidD46 Bit Poster

    Looks like page 24 of the admin guide is incorrect. When pushing out the installer you have to supply Local Admin credentials, not Domain Admin credentials. You'd think that both would work but that is not the case.
  4. JustinW7

    JustinW7 Bit Poster

    Yes, Local Admin is required to install the agent but you could also deploy a GPO for restricted groups that adds the domain admin user group, or user, to the local admin of the workstations. This is how I deployed RDSH when I was using them, but now we use VDI with autoscaling. They're still RDSH, but automated with sysprep instead of manually creating RDSH servers/clones. I've found several caveats with the documentation myself, but generally with enough trial and error (and support requests), I've worked through most of the nuance.
  5. PhilippE5

    PhilippE5 Bit Poster

    I've got a similar issue but without a domain.
    We just wanna try RAS instead of CITRIX but I may be to stupid setting up a RD Sessionhost.

    What I've done:
    - Checked the ports (they're open)
    - User is admin
    - UAC and sharing wizard is disabled

    If I add the server even the installer failed, I'm able to reboot or shutdown the server via "tools" without problems.
    But installing the agent itself fails...

    Any idea?

    My devenvironment:
    2x VPS with unlicensed windows server 2019
    On one VPS ras admin is installed and the second vps is for linking via rd sessionhost...
  6. PatrickD8

    PatrickD8 Bit Poster

    I had similar problems with the RAS Tenant Broker under version 18. I noticed that there is a problem with version 18 and the agent transfer logic.
    So I switched to version 17 as long as the problem with version 18 persists. I reported the problem to the support team and they are already working on a fix.
    They are optimistic that the problem will be fixed in the next release.

    If the problem persists with version 17, I would manually install the agent on the servers and try a takeover via the RAS console.

    Best regards
  7. PhilippE5

    PhilippE5 Bit Poster

    I got it running by installing AD.
    With AD everything is working like a charme.
  8. Eugene. K.

    Eugene. K. Parallels Team

    There is a workaround to this issue - just install the agent manually using the RAS Server installer and selecting the corresponding component. After that you can join this host to the existing RAS Farm with no issues.

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