Installing & running PD5 VM from another partition (not the Boot Camp one)

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Shepherd, May 9, 2010.

  1. Shepherd



    I don't want to run a Boot Camp partition thru PD5, since Snapshots and Safe mode wouldn't work.
    My goal is to:
    - avoid losing VM in case of Mac OS X restore process (thru Time Machine for instance that doesn't save my VM because I don't want to :)),
    - avoid too much fragmentation with time on Macintosh HD,
    - save time when cloning Macintosh HD with free version of SuperDuper (cannot exclude VM).

    So I gave a try to this solution: I created a second partition (70 GB - called "Partition for VM") on Macintosh HD. Then I cloned my VM from main partition to "Partition for VM". The VM seems to run normally when launched from "Partition for VM" (of course PD5 is installed on Macintosh HD).

    However I would like to be sure there are no bad effects when running a Windows 7 VM from another partition than the one where Mac OS X & PD5 are installed: such as possible troubles with permissions (since they can not be checked or repaired on second partition) or more swapping problem or else.

    Thanks for your help :).

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